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In order to enter the world of professional blogging, you should start from scratch and learn the basics first. Like anything else, writing blog posts and publishing them follows a particular set of steps that are the fundamental ones peculiar to the blogosphere. You cannot treat a blog like a website.

Main Blogging Tips for Beginners

A blog is different from a site from many different aspects. Some of the major differences are:

Tip 1: A blog is a dynamic site that should be frequently updated.

Unlike websites that were set up once and the rest was done outside the site, like marketing and so on, blogs are to be updated frequently. A blog that is not updated is not a blog anymore.

Tip 2: Updating a blog should occur regularly.

Running a blog in a professional manner requires devotion to orderly work. You cannot publish a post today and another one whenever you feel like it. The frequency of your publication should follow a certain model.

Tip 3: The language of blogging is more casual.

While writing your posts, a language close to conversational language is used not written. Unlike the language of websites, in the blogosphere, you do not say WE reckon so, WE do so, and so on. Instead of we, you say I reckon so, I do so, and so forth.

Tip 4: Blogging is more personal and you should talk about yourself in it too.

If you want to be successful in your blogging, from the outset, make yourself known to your audience. You cannot hide behind WE, our corporation, etc. In particular, your about page should clarify exactly who you are and why you blog.

Tip 5: Provide fresh information for your readers.

People go online to read what is fascinating and unheard. They like to read incredible stuff. You need to include such information for your audience to satisfy them. Fresh unique information or perspective is what makes them interested.

Tip 6: Include your own perspectives in the posts you write.

When everyone talks about some topic and you want to have your take on it, go ahead and do it. As long as you don’t copy others, you will be fine, because when you write it yourself, you will be reflected in it. I mean your perspective will be revealed at your posts and within your words.

Tip 7: Your blog theme should match your content and audience.

Remember you should harmonize your blog theme with your content. A simple theme does not match children’s blog. An amusing colorful theme is not suitable for a business blog unless the blog is about something amusing, cool, etc.

Tip 8: Make it simple for your readers to subscribe to your feed.

Having your RSS feed button or “Subscribe to Our Feed” should be above the fold or very visible. Otherwise, people may miss it and ignore subscribing to your feed. This way, you will not be able to retain them.

Tip 9: Don’t stuff your pages with an advertisement.

Some websites glitter with lots of flash animation, colorful ads here and there and so on. You can barely find the actual content on the blog as there is too much clutter around it, if any. In particular, at the beginning of your blogging, when the blog is new, it will be better not to include ads in your blog. Later, you can include it in a sensible way.

Tip 10: Moderate the comments before you allow them to be published.

Some people, out of laziness, set their blog comments to be published without moderation. They do not feel like moderating the comments and just want them no matter what they are. There is lots of spam on the blogs. Comments are not exceptions. Make sure you install an anti-spam mechanism and moderate the comments before they are published.

If you observe these blogging tips for beginners, you can start a blog on the right path and go toward professional blogging. Of course, it is not that simple and you need to learn every aspect of such world-class blogging through specialized courses or training programs. I will recommend you to find an expert who has gone this route before and learn from him. You will certainly be able to take your blog to a higher level doing so.

Blogging tips for better blog

You may already have a blog or want to start a new blog so here are blogging tips starting from choosing the blog name (domain name). Please read the following 25 blogging tips to build a better blog.

Following are Blogging tips useful before starting a new blog or writing a new post. These are vital for search engine optimization.

1) First, do the keyword research for the blog topic/subject. Finding well-loved keywords related to your blog or your post topic is a must. You will need at least 2-3 keywords to be used in the blog title and around 10 keywords for post titles to start with.

2) Try to use the keywords in the domain name, blog title, post title, post content, hyperlink, ALT tag, TITLE tag a natural way. This will help you to get higher search engine ranking.

3) Try to limit no. of your marks/categories around 20. Use the tag cloud or mark cloud if you want to save space. If you have many topics on one blog try to regroup and relabel. If really different topics are mixed on one blog and have sufficient no. of posts for each topic then start a new blog for that topic.

4) Do not copy ancient posts of a blog on the new blog. You can get penalized for duplicate content. You need to remove the ancient copy from the search engine and then add the same post a new blog.

5) Use the post title optimization widget on this blog for the blogger / blogspot blog so that you get better search engine ranking. WordPress bloggers can use a plugin like All in one SEO for meta tag and title optimization.

Following are blogging tips related to looking and content of the blog.

6) The look and layout of the blog should be nice, clean and gorgeous so that it can make an excellent impression on the visitor and he should feel to stay more and visit again. Content quality should also be excellent for this.

7) Navigation and layout should be such that visitor should be able to find the recent posts, marks very easily. So if Recent posts and Marks are near the top of sidebar it will be visible in the first screen of the blog and the visitor will have a quick thought of what the blog is about and can jump to his topic of interest quickly.

8) Use pictures, images wherever possible to make your post colorful and attractive. Do picture/image optimization as described in my earlier post. No need to use large images, you can use medium to small images.

9) The loading time of the blog should not be very long or visitor will run away before the page opens. So keep a check on what widgets/code you are installing and does it slows down the loading. If you are loading pictures, make sure that the file size is not huge. Do not use BMP files, you can use jpg, png files. Also, check the image size. You can do all this using photoshop. As sometimes images load slower from external sources, check that also.

Blogging tips related to writing and visitors

10) Write your post after proper research and gathering total information. Do not write too long. Use grouping, paragraph, subtitling for arranging the information in the post body.

11) Writing language should be simple to know and wherever possible write-in humorous way. If a visitor enjoys your post he will come back.

12) Give links to useful resources related to your topic. Also, give links to your earlier posts with proper anchor text wherever possible. This improves the internal linking of your blog.

13) Encourage the reader to participate/comment. You can also run some contest or survey on your blog and keep some prize for that.

14) Use a gorgeous and professional looking theme/template and header image for your blog. There are many free templates available so you can easily get one suitable for your blog. Choose 3 column template which uses the full 1024 X 768 resolution. This gives you more space.

15) The font color and size should be such that the blog should be readable in different screen resolution. Other blogging tips to increase readers and revenue.

16) Burn your feed at Feedburner and provide subscribe via email facility for your RSS feed.

17) Check your blog visibility and feed in a different browser. Especially in internet explorer and Firefox.

18) Try to increase your RSS feed subscriber and use AdSense for feed to show Google AdSense on the feed.

19) Use Google AdSense or other advertisements in post body, right hand side bar and below the header. Use AdSense link unit with marks or links or below header. Match background color of AdSense with blog or post background color.

20) Read my post on blog traffic tips to build traffic from sources other than search engine.

Following are precautionary blogging tips

21) There should not be many outgoing links (pointing to other websites / blogs) in the post or side bar. Remove unnecessary outgoing links. Place all outgoing links near bottom of right hand side bar or footer.

22 ) Do not buy or sell links for link building.

23) If paid posts are must for you keep it minimum or have separate website/blog for paid posts or articles.

24) As said above do not write same post again ( duplicate content ). Do not edit ancient post titles and content for search engine optimization.

25) Do not have METATAGS only for main home URL of blogger blog, as it will be used for all the post and you will get duplicate metatag error in Google webmaster tools. You are also misguiding and confusing search engine by having same meta tag for all posts. So you can use script / widget which can give different METATAGS to individual posts. WordPress blogger can have METATAG for individual post by using All in one SEO plug-in.

You can find more blog traffic tips and SEO services at my blog.

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