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The internet is one of the most important means at present. For websites to work on the Internet, there is a system called a domain name system that keeps everything running smoothly. The domain name system is also known as DNS for short. The main role played by DNS is to translate the domain name that is usually entered in the browser to a numeric IP. IP means Internet protocol, a language that the computer understands.

Generally, the registration of your domain is stored in the site where you register. This is where the DNS is stored for your domain. This record is the location of your website on the internet. Is that how it works! When you set up a domain in GKG.net, it points to the GKG because the domains are stationed there. If a website is created outside of GKG, the DNS server record must be edited so that the GKG record points to the DNS server hosting the website. For example, here is a website hosted on Hostmonster.com and Hostexcellence.com. The registration in the GKG will have the DNS server saying:

Generally, you will know the name of your server where your sites are hosted. Therefore, you can change the name in your domain registry to point to the names of the web hosting server. With the DNS server, you can know the primary and secondary names. This means that, in any case, if the primary name does not respond, it will automatically refer to the second.

That's how it works that way. When you enter the URL of a website in the browser's address bar, an Internet search is initiated to find the correct DNS server and the alpha name obtains the specified IP address. Once you have found the corresponding IP address, your computer will start loading the page on your computer screen. If you know the IP address, you can type the number directly in the address bar of your browser and the exact web page will be loaded. It is usually a combination of numbers like this: http //

The Internet is so big and DNS is like a huge database of numbers that links a certain website with any combination of numbers. It allows the internet to find and locate a specific computer that uses the internet. This huge database is categorized with certain servers that provide different types of domain names. In the United Kingdom, the server is in charge of everything .uk. For Russia, the .ru and so on. All these servers are connected to each other.

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